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Drew Jacob Nov 25, 2013
Which nonprofits would the Irish deities support? Here's a comprehensive list of suggestions from one of their priests.
The Heroic Life
Drew Jacob Oct 01, 2013
"I always believed in heroes. And I couldn't tell, at first, that no one else did."
Drew Jacob Sep 25, 2013
This November will be the first ever summit on creating heroism -- and Pagans are invited.
Drew Jacob Apr 01, 2013
These are the spells I value most, the kind that help a person break a bad cycle. The kind of magic that doesn't just assuage pain but gives real, actionable opportunities.
Drew Jacob Nov 14, 2012
The same Pagans who so ardently learn from Buddhism, Hinduism, Vodou, and the Tao shut their ears at the mention of the Christ.
The Heroic Life
Drew Jacob Aug 01, 2012
Vodou will not try to convert you. Never has, likely never will. But Vodou has a clear, simple message: dance with us.
The Heroic Life
Drew Jacob May 17, 2012
Moderate outreach is not only ethical; it's also progressive. Because the world needs more Pagans.
Drew Jacob Apr 18, 2012
Apotheosis or enlightenment is mostly an inner quest, a timeless event. It doesn't care what epoch or culture it's in.
Drew Jacob Mar 26, 2012
Lugh doesn't speak in riddles and mysteries. He gives orders, and you do them or you quit.
The Heroic Life
Drew Jacob Mar 01, 2012
There is no school that offers a degree in living your passion. No one is hiring full-time entry-level employees to live their passion.
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