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Family Traditions
Eric Scott Dec 19, 2012
I happened to draw the lot of being born to Pagans. I honestly did not realize how strange a fate that was until I was almost twenty.
Family Traditions
Eric Scott Aug 30, 2012
As an American, I know what a wedding looks like, and a handfasting ain't it.
Family Traditions
Eric Scott Jul 23, 2012
Tracing your spiritual lineage in Paganism is very difficult, but we need to know where we come from.
Family Traditions
Eric Scott Jul 02, 2012
I'm not sure any religion -- even my own -- is the way up the mountain. I'm not sure the mountain itself exists.
Family Traditions
Eric Scott Jun 24, 2012
The unlikely appearance of a cross-bearing evangelist at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic.
Eric Scott Jun 03, 2012
Missouri's Prayer Amendment would make it possible for students to simply opt-out of anything that challenges their previously held beliefs.
Eric Scott May 14, 2012
How a Microsoft CD-ROM helped introduce me to Paganism.
Eric Scott Apr 23, 2012
The teenage girls are hunting for eggs in my parents' yard. They pick through the splendidly overgrown vegetation, snatching at bright colors, and calling out to one another whenever they find one. Bu...
Eric Scott Apr 11, 2012
Last month, my ritual partner and I held my coven's Ostara sabbat. As ever, holding a sabbat is an exhausting process, but a wonderfully gratifying one.One reason I remain in love with Wicca is the cr...
Family Traditions
Eric Scott Mar 04, 2012
When it comes to the Christian afterlife, I doubt I would even qualify for the Virtuous Pagan exemption Dante granted to Cicero and Homer.
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