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Greg Garrett Apr 17, 2015
It's spiritually important to be reminded that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, especially in America, where we are prone to take our ball and go home when we don't like the way the game is going.
Greg Garrett Apr 01, 2015
I know why "spiritual but not religious" might seem to some people like a very good idea. But I also know this: religion saved me when spirituality could not.
Greg Garrett Mar 26, 2015
The resurrection story, however we understand it, whether or not we can explain it, should make a difference in our minds and hearts. It's supposed to; that's what resurrection does.
Greg Garrett Oct 02, 2014
Unlike Christians of the past 500 years who focused on doctrine, Francis operated more like contemporary believers, who focus on correct practice.
Greg Garrett Apr 30, 2014
"God and the Gay Christian" could convince anyone wrestling with a biblical reason to support gay marriage and full gay inclusion in churches -- and everyone who ought to be.
Greg Garrett Feb 19, 2014
Despite our cultural differences, the Rev. Waters and I are both seeking ultimate meaning in a world that tries with all its might to distract us with secondary meanings.
Greg Garrett Dec 08, 2013
When we look closely at the sins of the Capitol, they are our sins -- exaggerated, to be sure, but still recognizable as our own.
Greg Garrett Nov 24, 2013
What N. T. Wright has given us in his two-volume study is the master class on Paul that I never had the chance to take in seminary.
Greg Garrett Oct 14, 2013
So much of our religious language seeks to insert meaning where there may be no meaning, or conversely to absolve God of a responsibility God doesn't even own.
Faithful Citizenship
Greg Garrett Sep 30, 2013
Don Jon, like many of us, is all about me and mine, and porn is emblematic of that selfishness.
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