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Gus diZerega Jan 13, 2015
Monotheism seems to have an innate proclivity to violence *and* it has inspired some of the most noble people in human history. Why?
Gus diZerega Aug 23, 2014
Replying to reviews with which an author disagrees is in many ways a waste of time.  Reviewers and other readers bring their own preconceptions and biases to whatever they encounter, just as do author...
Gus diZerega Jul 23, 2014
In the name of a more humane future, Pagans must do all we can to restrict the power and extent of joint stock corporations. Economic decisions must be made by human beings who will not be penalized if they do not put money profit first. This means removing joint stock corporations from sectors of the economy closely interacting with the natural environment.
Gus diZerega Jun 12, 2014
There is no contradiction between being a genuine polytheist, one arguing there may be unimaginably huge number of deities, and holding to the existence of an ultimate impersonal/transpersonal Source from which everything emerges, including the Gods. Even without the metaphysics, modern science is demonstrating that we ourselves are genuine individuals, but at the same time are such only because of our relationships at every level. We make no great jump to suggest the same holds for Spirit.
Gus diZerega Apr 02, 2014
Resentment, envy, and self-righteousness push away from the heart, narrowing it or shutting it down. In my opinion this is the ultimate spiritual poison in having the logic of ‘privilege’ come to dominate, or even play a large role, in our spiritual and religious lives. It weakens the heart, both in oneself and often in those attacked, and so further separates us from Spirit.
Gus diZerega Mar 27, 2014
The problems with 'Wiccan privilege' as a concept are rooted in the current abuse of the term in social and political analysis. While the term has a narrowly circumscribed realm where it provides important insights, its expansion beyond this realm has led to considerable confusion and worse.
Gus diZerega Mar 22, 2014
The word “privilege” is too abstract to do the work that needs to be done when we are discussing the intricacies of equality and inequality and how to make life better. It works well with respect to legal privileges giving some people advantages over others in the eyes of the law. Expanding it as has been done for ‘Wiccan privilege’ and its equivalent in feminism opens the door to serious abuses and confusions.
Gus diZerega Mar 11, 2014
Amid this rich spiritual diversity most of us will come together in a deeper appreciation for this sacred earth within which we live, and for feminine values as necessary correctives to the one-sided masculine puffery that afflicts and distorts so much of our culture, secular and Christian alike. And that will be quite enough.
Gus diZerega Feb 04, 2014
Despite many similarities and considerable overlap at a personal spiritual level, New Age religion is not Pagan, and exploring the differences between their story and ours explains why.
Gus diZerega Jan 30, 2014
Jesus could become a part of a Pagan narrative, and from my perspective, he is welcome to join us. But the core stories of Paganism and Christianity are ultimately incompatible.
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