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A Book of Sparks
Heather King May 24, 2011
You can’t press violets in an e-reader, or size up a potential friend whose bookcase resides on a microchip. Heather King ponders the vast humanity that resides in the writing and reading of real, ink-scented, living and life-giving books.
A Book of Sparks
Heather King May 17, 2011
To want to stay in people's good graces isn't necessarily a bad thing, but becomes a bad thing if we're thereby led to reduce Christ to a social worker or a cop or a politician, just to keep from being yelled at.
A Book of Sparks
Heather King May 10, 2011
As French poet Baudelaire said, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist."
Heather King May 03, 2011
Our task is to constantly set ourselves on fire with Christ.
A Book of Sparks
Heather King Apr 26, 2011
A cancer-clinic encounter with an atypical saint, or, finding Christ in the surprising disguise of a Whopper-eating mallrat.
Heather King Apr 19, 2011
The Crucifixion was Christ's "race." He trained all his life. Declining to measure effort in a rational or strategic way.
Heather King Apr 12, 2011
In the desert of Lent, Marta Becket's journey may inspire us to hear that still small voice that calls us, restores us in Christ, with our gifts intact.
A Book of Sparks
Heather King Apr 05, 2011
A Lenten fast from "badmouthing" doesn't go as planned: "Ash Wednesday dawned . . . and about an hour and a half later I was nitpicking at people." Why some fundamentals are fundamentally important.
A Book of Sparks
Heather King Mar 29, 2011
People who rail against religion cannot have looked too closely at what happens when those in power try to stamp it out. Capitalism isn't going to sate Russia's spiritual hunger; it has not satiated America's.
A Book of Sparks
Heather King Mar 23, 2011
A conference on Catholic Religious Education yields insight on the troubling increase of hostility toward faith, and a simple celebration of the Mass provides the answer.
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