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James Faulconer Sep 03, 2014
Like every religion, especially in the West we face the issue of how to deal with our increasingly secular world, not just legally, but in the way that all of us understand our relationships to each other and to everything else.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Aug 29, 2014
We must think about the body in terms of grace: to be embodied is unavoidably to receive grace, both the grace of God and the grace of others.
James Faulconer Aug 18, 2014
We not only believe but ritualize the importance of sexual difference to Christian life -- life before and, with God's grace, with God. Perhaps nothing is more central to Mormonism.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Aug 06, 2014
Membership in the community attests to the multiplicity of the self that Christian teaching demands: the Father and the Son are united as one; we too must be united as one.
James Faulconer Jul 27, 2014
When we read scripture, if we do not hear the call to be something more, then we may be in danger of the bondage to the philosophies of men.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Jul 16, 2014
The theme of the need for courage and the courage or cheer that the gospel brings continues in scriptures revealed through Joseph Smith.
James Faulconer Jul 09, 2014
There is room in Mormonism for private devotion, but at its heart it is a religion of the community rather than the individual.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer May 15, 2014
Beliefs, theological or otherwise, don't have a special, more fundamental place in their relationship with the other parts of religious life and experience.
James Faulconer May 08, 2014
Many Mormons mistakenly believe that there is pure doctrine somewhere, some set of propositions that lays out clearly all or most of what we believe.
James Faulconer Apr 23, 2014
Can we understand the Three Nephites as people, like the bodhisattva and the Mahdî, who sacrifice their existence by consecrating their existence to others?
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