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John C. Holbert Nov 24, 2015
Whatever else Advent means, it means the coming of YHWH's righteousness. When we pray all year, "thy kingdom come," what we are praying for is the coming of God's unbreakable love.
John C. Holbert Nov 16, 2015
A helpful reminder in election season: ultimate loyalty, final devotion, and complete allegiance may only be given to Jesus and God.
John C. Holbert Nov 06, 2015
You want to act for God? It has nothing at all to do with codes, or great mysteries, or hidden truths. We cannot wait for some future "time of the end." The time for such action is now.
John C. Holbert Nov 02, 2015
The powerhouse woman Ruth is beyond compare. In short, it should be concluded that in this magical tale YHWH is nothing less than a Moabite widow!
John C. Holbert Oct 26, 2015
"Wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people and your God my God." The famous words of a daughter to her mother.
John C. Holbert Oct 23, 2015
Seeing and hearing God, for Job, reveals to him a God he never knew, a God vast and grand and mysterious, no God to be reduced to the level of a bumper sticker, a campaign slogan, an advertising jingle.
John C. Holbert Oct 14, 2015
Is our God far too small, far too explainable, far too graspable? We need the God of Job, a God large enough and mysterious enough to create and love a world of struggle and surprise, a world of pain and joy, a world of difficulties and triumphs.
John C. Holbert Sep 29, 2015
The first two chapters of Job are the curtain raiser of the drama, the opening act of the play, designed to present to us the old God, the God whom Israel so often claimed to know and worship. A new God is set to emerge later in the play.
John C. Holbert Sep 11, 2015
Lady Wisdom calls to us in the streets and highways of our cities, crying out, "How long, you simpletons, will you just love being simple?" It is far past time that we heed her call.
John C. Holbert Sep 02, 2015
One cannot read the Bible's proverbs quickly; they must be savored, mused upon, delighted in, argued with. Only then can they play a role in the preaching of the full truth of God.
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