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John C. Holbert Feb 03, 2016
For those of us who have heard the call of our God to leadership, this passage gives us much to ponder. Where are our masks and when do we wear them?
John C. Holbert Jan 25, 2016
Old Jeremiah is my very favorite prophet from the Hebrew Bible for many reasons, beginning with the fact that he sounds like a far more honest version of my less than honest self.
John C. Holbert Jan 18, 2016
How would our history be different if the ancient Watergate were better remembered than the modern one?
John C. Holbert Jan 17, 2016
"Beulah Land" is the transformed Jerusalem, a marvelous symbol of God's power to change devastation into a marriage-like joy and to do so in such a way that the world may see and act accordingly.
John C. Holbert Jan 07, 2016
On this Baptism of the Lord Sunday, may our own life's baptisms, those that are pleasant and those not so pleasant, be occasions of an affirmation of the presence of God in our lives, the God who simply never forsakes us.
John C. Holbert Dec 21, 2015
On this typically sparsely-attended Sunday after Christmas, have a quiet conversation with yourself about your ministry. Which are you: preacher, minister, or master?
John C. Holbert Dec 21, 2015
The light of God pierces our gloomy and dark lives and offers to us a hope that we must both grasp and exemplify.
John C. Holbert Dec 11, 2015
In the midst of warring times, we find a portrait in Micah of an ancient one who is to come who will move through the flocks of the world in peace, eschewing the ways of war and battle.
John C. Holbert Dec 07, 2015
We really do need Advent/Christmas this year! We need its joy and its hope, to be sure, but more we need its righteousness that drives out fear. In short, we need old Zephaniah.
John C. Holbert Dec 02, 2015
Advent is not the time for fear, for hiding, for arming oneself against some foe. Advent is the time to open up to the future of God.
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