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John C. Holbert May 15, 2015
The day of Pentecost is far more than the birthday of the church. This is the reenactment of YHWH's promise for a rebirth of those of us who are dry bones in a valley filled to the brim with dry bones.
John C. Holbert May 06, 2015
Psalm 98 confirms that our roles as God's Easter people remain the same: unchanging and unbreakable love for all of God's world, mirroring God's love for that world.
John C. Holbert Apr 28, 2015
Loving our enemies is not some outlandish impossibility; it is the call of a God who can do no other.
John C. Holbert Apr 20, 2015
Does the popular and beloved 23rd Psalm really say what we think it says?
John C. Holbert Apr 16, 2015
Just who are God's righteous ones, and how exactly can you tell when you meet one?
John C. Holbert Apr 07, 2015
Being an Easter person is never a simple thing, and we must never assume that Jesus' glorious resurrection alone is the end of the matter.
John C. Holbert Mar 27, 2015
I used to revel in the rousing anthems and loud hosannas of Easter morning. Now, however, I wish to step outside the sanctuary and sit by myself, gazing longingly at an azure sky, and just be. The truth is, I find Easter Sunday rather troubling.
John C. Holbert Mar 17, 2015
When I was in seminary, we were told that the Psalms were not a fit subject for a sermon, since they were in fact liturgical acts, not primarily theological ones. Let me answer that claim with a precise theological locution: hooey!
John C. Holbert Mar 10, 2015
What I thought might kill me became for me the way of healing. But I have still much looking at the bronze serpent to do if I am to continue my healing. Does my story in any way resonate with yours?
John C. Holbert Mar 03, 2015
It has been said that we need a far more rich and comprehensive theology of marriage if we are ever to tackle effectively the epidemic of adultery. I agree, but is there still place for a sermon on adultery?
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