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Kathleen Mulhern Jul 13, 2016
The history of Jewish-Christian relations has been tangled and tortured, and the stories of these seven men and women reveal some of its contemporary religious, ethnic, and political complications.
Kathleen Mulhern May 18, 2016
The fallout from these anti-Catholic myths has been extensive and damaging. Stark sets the record straight.
Kathleen Mulhern Feb 09, 2016
From Mardi Gras to Holy Week, everything you need to know about the season of Lent.
Kathleen Mulhern Feb 08, 2016
Where did Ash Wednesday come from, and what's it all about?
Kathleen A. Mulhern Oct 13, 2015
It's a place where plurality thrives without reductionism, and where a myriad of beliefs can be explored, articulated, disputed, questioned, and, hopefully, understood.
Kathleen Mulhern Mar 25, 2015
What's Easter all about, and where did its traditions come from?
Kathleen A. Mulhern Apr 01, 2011
Karl Giberson and Francis Collins initiate an open, accessible, and sensitive dialogue about the troubling issues that foster animosity between some Christians and some scientists.
Kathleen A. Mulhern Apr 01, 2011
Karl Giberson answers further questions about Christian faith and evolutionary theory and discusses the work of the BioLogos Forum.
Kathleen A. Mulhern May 21, 2010
What are we and where are we going? This is the nexus between science and religion.
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