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Kathy Coffey Sep 20, 2011
Benedictine, Carmelite, Franciscan -- What's the difference? Plenty, as it turns out.
Kathy Coffey Sep 13, 2011
Driven by love, the Canaanite woman spoke up and modeled the way.
Kathy Coffey Aug 23, 2011
Bathsheba's story prepares the way for a Christ who never manipulated or demeaned anyone.
Kathy Coffey Aug 16, 2011
Christ loved the poor and marginalized, but the established and successful have their place in the community of faith, too.
Kathy Coffey Aug 10, 2011
Catholics bring the lens of faith to bear on every issue, even economics, and find instruction, consolation, and encouragement.
Kathy Coffey Aug 02, 2011
Adopting a small spirit of adventure can help prevent falling into ruts, even if it means just doing something a little different, week-by-week.
Kathy Coffey Jul 26, 2011
When the last thing you want to hear is some chirpy voice counseling, "Pray," that's when you need prayer the most.
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