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Mark D. Roberts Apr 25, 2016
If you'd like to listen to an audio recording:"Born . . . What?" - Irvine Presbyterian Church, Irvine, CA"Grace Upon Grace" - Irvine Presbyterian Church, Irvine, CA"All the Difference in the World" - ...
Mark D. Roberts
Mark D. Roberts Apr 23, 2016
Laity Lodge Family Camp 2014In 2014, Linda and I served as teachers/mentors at Laity Lodge Family Camp in Texas. Our daughter, Kara, worked in the children’s program and helped us in the evening teach...
Mark D. Roberts Mar 02, 2016
I just read a fascinating article in the New York Times Magazine, something I'd recommend to all leaders and managers. "What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team" was written by Cha...
Mark D. Roberts Mar 01, 2016
Harvard Divinity School began a new, online edX course today called: "World Religious Through Their Scriptures." This course seeks to help students develop more awareness of and sensitivity to religio...
Mark D. Roberts Feb 18, 2016
There’s a fascinating piece that has just been published in The Atlantic. It has the intriguing title, “Finding Jesus at Work.” The focus of this article is on workplace chaplaincies. recent years, a ...
Mark D. Roberts
Mark D. Roberts Jan 20, 2016
This week, in my Life for Leaders devotions, I am thinking about success. My inspiration is a passage from Genesis, a description of Joseph's work in the house of Potiphar. In this passage we read, "T...
Mark D. Roberts Jan 19, 2016
Okay, I admit that's an odd title. Please let me explain.A week ago, the University of Alabama football team won the national championship, beating Clemson 45-40. The turning point in the game was a s...
Mark D. Roberts Jan 16, 2016
Need to relax? Sit by a crackling fire!
Mark D. Roberts
Mark D. Roberts Dec 07, 2015
Here are some Roberts' family photos from 2015.
Mark D. Roberts
Mark D. Roberts Dec 04, 2015
Check out this excellent interview of Bill George, a prof at Harvard Business School.  Faith & Leadership asked George,  "What does it take to be a great leader?" He responded:To be a great leader tod...
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