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Robert Crosby Feb 07, 2013
The Super Bowl's biggest surprise this year was not the lights that went out, but a new ad with Paul Harvey.
Robert Crosby Jan 07, 2013
Moses is the best (and worst) example we have in the Bible of how to lead a team.
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Robert Crosby Dec 09, 2012
While some give an oversized place to Mary, others don't give enough to the one who said "I am the Lord's servant."
Robert Crosby Nov 20, 2012
Many people today are worn out with religion. Even John Adams felt my frustration.
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Robert Crosby Oct 11, 2012
God has not asked us to do anything that he has not already done himself -- including practicing collaborative skills within a "team."
Robert Crosby Sep 05, 2012
Mark Brown, an evangelical "appreneur," has one of the most engaged Facebook pages in the world with 8.6 million users.
Robert Crosby Jun 19, 2012
The YouVersion Bible app has been downloaded fifty million times. How did it get started—and what’s next?
Robert Crosby May 24, 2012
As Pentecostalism explodes around the world, new efforts emerge to find unity in the profound diversity of the movement.
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Robert Crosby May 09, 2012
In The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman asserts that people like to be loved in different ways. As it turns out, God has a preferred "love language" as well.
Robert Crosby Apr 22, 2012
Colson's life shows the dramatic transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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