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Roy Speckhardt Oct 13, 2015
By promoting increased dialogue between conflicting parties and attempting to address their needs with the ultimate goal of a peaceful reconciliation, we can end much of the unnecessary violence that plagues our world and slows our development.
Roy Speckhardt Aug 19, 2015
Imagine an America where 20 percent of the U.S. population openly identifies as atheist or agnostic.
Roy Speckhardt Sep 26, 2013
Media coverage of nonbeliever PAC shows new voting bloc has potential.
Roy Speckhardt Aug 07, 2013
Making donors feel better about themselves for giving without having lasting impact is an enormous waste of potential.
Roy Speckhardt Mar 24, 2013
The faith exemption to vaccinations is questionable, as our children's health shouldn't be threatened by antiquated religious ideas.
Roy Speckhardt Jan 20, 2013
Humanists think that the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Buddhist sutras, and the Book of Mormon are not the work of supernatural spirits, but of fallible humans.
Roy Speckhardt Dec 09, 2012
HumanLight is about celebrating and expressing what fills our lives with love and meaning.
A Humanist View
Roy Speckhardt Nov 04, 2012
Christian conservatives are either ignorant of the pluralistic society in which we live, or they simply disrespect others as they aim to make their way the only way.
Roy Speckhardt Sep 02, 2012
Today there are many fronts in this struggle that humanists are leading in favor of civil rights and against the war on women.
Roy Speckhardt Aug 19, 2012
The best course of religious freedom is to support the secular core of society.
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