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Sally Kempton Jul 30, 2014
Seeing through the veil is useless unless we live up to the largeness of our most awakened moments. An awakening asks us not only to seize the opportunities we're being given, but to let them inspire the way we live.
Sally Kempton Jun 16, 2013
The more you invite Durga's energy into your life, the more you'll feel her opening you to the warrior within you.
Meditation for Life
Sally Kempton Jan 02, 2013
The miracle of recapitulation is that it creates a natural current of self-awareness that can bring transformation all by itself.
Meditation for Life
Sally Kempton Jul 18, 2012
Time spent alone doesn't have to be lonely. Embrace it as a chance to connect with what's truly essential.
Sally Kempton Jul 02, 2012
Discernment is our natural instinct to recognize the path that leads to real freedom and compassion in any moment.
Sally Kempton Jun 26, 2012
When we acknowledge feelings of discomfort without trying to escape them, we automatically put ourselves back in touch with our authentic self.
Sally Kempton Jun 11, 2012
After we've been through a few transformative cycles, we begin to be able to navigate, welcoming opportunities to integrate our highest, deepest levels of awareness with the untransformed parts of ourselves.
Sally Kempton Jun 04, 2012
Grace comes, and then pushes us past the point of comfort.
Sally Kempton May 28, 2012
That uncertainty -- the feeling that you're in between an old self and an unknown new one -- is one of the signs that you're in a true transformative process.
Meditation for Life
Sally Kempton May 08, 2012
A good way to measure your spiritual maturity is by the way you relate to the guidance that comes from the deeper layers of your own being.
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