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At the Herm
Sam Webster May 11, 2016
As our community matures, we are inevitably producing priesthoods and with that, laity. This happens because commitment and investment are not the same for all individuals. Some can, even must, pour t...
At the Herm
Sam Webster Apr 06, 2016
Conflict is inevitable. How we deal with it is one of the greatest measures of our character and integrity. Hermes in myth, and experience, is often in the center of conflict and challenge yet is not ...
Sam Webster Mar 09, 2016
A God is as a God does, and Hermes is no exception. How this applies to the Deity’s priest-folk can be subtle or evident, intimate or public. For those deeply dedicated to a Deity, this is likely to m...
Sam Webster Feb 10, 2016
To know Hermes is a lifelong task. Bounded approaches provide entry points and structures with which to grasp the fundamentally ineffable. Body, Speech, and Mind can be seen as the entry points. Thus ...
Sam Webster Jan 13, 2016
Today our commentarial tradition is fast and furious. If a weakness can be seen in any statement, it is instantly pounced upon and used to flog the knowledge, the intelligence, or even the character, ...
At the Herm
Sam Webster Dec 09, 2015
Gods arise to our experience in response to need, being the embodiments of Divine Providence. Otherwise we would never know of Them. Their appearance is a reflection of us, our understandings and pred...
At the Herm
Sam Webster Nov 19, 2015
Is it enough to worship the many Divinities we know? For our maintenance, our simple well being, of course! Divine Providence is an ever-present grace to which we can attune and make more present in o...
At the Herm
Sam Webster Oct 14, 2015
At this Hallows season the Ancestors come to mind. But what of reincarnation? What of traditions that don't disturb the Dead, or people who don't have worthy relations with blood family? What other wa...
Sam Webster Sep 09, 2015
I don’t do cultural Paganism. I worship the Gods I’ve come to know. My commitments and priesthood is not bounded by cultures, but by contact. But some of that contact is with Deities that lie beyond c...
Sam Webster Aug 12, 2015
Polytheism is a consequence of knowing more than one Deity. Who and what are these beings we esteem and worship? Are They the Gods?
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