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A Matter of Color
Samuel K. Atchison Jan 16, 2012
Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. means taking an honest look at the relevance of our ministries and the plight of our communities.
Samuel K. Atchison Sep 07, 2011
A prison chaplain's experience in the wake of 9/11 illustrates the important role of religious leaders in keeping the peace.
Samuel K. Atchison May 22, 2011
Christians who oppose abortion and same-sex marriage should understand how the cultural ground beneath them has shifted.
Samuel K. Atchison May 05, 2011
Young professionals are moving into the city centers, while the poor are fleeing to the suburbs. What does this mean for the churches?
Samuel K. Atchison Apr 20, 2011
Churches inside prison walls give the incarcerated a sense of significance, dignity, and purpose. They might also be the key to transforming America's inner cities.
A Matter of Color
Samuel K. Atchison Apr 06, 2011
Is there redemption for the scapegoat? Are we willing to forgive, assist them, and -- dare I say it -- hire them?
Samuel K. Atchison Mar 24, 2011
How does a believer behind bars pass on his faith? A glimpse into the heart of an incarcerated father.
A Matter of Color
Samuel K. Atchison Mar 10, 2011
Earlie Harrell is an unlikely peacemaker, a Blood who works through the gang to save young men from lives of drugs and crime.
A Matter of Color
Samuel K. Atchison Feb 25, 2011
The American approach to incarceration makes the children of imprisoned fathers more likely to follow in their fathers' footsteps. We need a new approach.
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