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Dying to Preach
Steven W. Smith Dec 15, 2011
At Christmastime, it's worth remembering what made Jesus "the great shepherd of the sheep."
Steven W. Smith Oct 19, 2011
Has "application" replaced "exhortation" in sermons? Have we settled for practical pointers when we should focus on the prophetic purpose of the Word?
Steven W. Smith Jun 02, 2011
Arguments in sermons are too often boring and distracting. Done rightly, however, argumentation is not only important and necessary, but moving and beautiful.
Steven W. Smith Apr 27, 2011
An expert in preaching gives four pointers on the art of application.
Steven W. Smith Apr 06, 2011
A sermon illustration should disappear so the text can be illuminated.
Steven W. Smith Mar 24, 2011
Without explaining the text well in the sermon, having emotional appeal is trading one type of boredom for another.
Steven W. Smith Feb 04, 2011
It's key for preachers to be confident -- but can they be confident without being arrogant?
Steven W. Smith Jan 13, 2011
Preaching Christ's call to forgiveness is never easy. It causes pain and discomfort. And it's completely necessary.
Steven W. Smith Dec 29, 2010
Christmas often leaves us too distracted and depleted to confront the New Year with thoughtfulness, prayer, and wise plans.
Dying to Preach
Steven W. Smith Dec 10, 2010
Three things we should understand about the true meaning of Christmas.
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