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Julie Davis Oct 12, 2011
"Catholicism" uses imagery and scholarship to bring new comprehension to concepts we may think too familiar. Heaven won't look the same after you read it.
Julie Davis Sep 28, 2011
This "Christian movie" isn't afraid to show us the afflicted children of the Sudan, and leave us shaken.
Julie Davis Sep 14, 2011
Deep down, we know that Original Sin keeps us from being "nice guys." But it helps to act-as-if.
Julie Davis Aug 31, 2011
As summer draws to a close, try a devotional book to help re-orient your life, fitting in time for quiet thoughtfulness.
Julie Davis Aug 17, 2011
With that question begins one man's riveting transformation from high-powered Wall Street lawyer to death row ministry.
Julie Davis Aug 03, 2011
Dip a toe into the lake of literary classics and you may find yourself surprisingly refreshed.
Julie Davis Jul 28, 2011
St. Martha often gets a bad rap as a nag who is just looking for help around the house. Behind her practicality she models a brave and generous faith.
A Free Mind
Julie Davis Jul 20, 2011
If the heat wave has you too sapped to do much, get to know "The Good Wife," whose surprisingly moral stories seem "ripped from the headlines."
Julie Davis Jul 06, 2011
Ted Chiang's excellent stories can provoke good questions for atheists and believers alike.
Julie Davis Jun 22, 2011
"Space Vulture" is a great summer romp! We don't need Super Heroes; we've got ray guns. Lots and lots of ray guns!
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