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Pat Gohn Jul 07, 2014
The family is where prayer is taught and caught; it binds the family to the Church and the Church to the family.
A Word in Season
Pat Gohn Jan 21, 2014
When a perfect storm strikes, sometimes you have to lean in beyond first instincts.
Pat Gohn Nov 12, 2013
The quest of Christian faith is to find oneself securely in the love of God, and in giving oneself away in love to another.
Pat Gohn Oct 16, 2013
The unity of faith is the unity of the Church.
Pat Gohn Sep 26, 2013
Pat Gohn hits the highlights from Chapter 2 of Lumen Fidei.
Pat Gohn Sep 11, 2013
Pat Gohn walks you through Pope Francis' first encyclical, chapter by chapter.
Pat Gohn Aug 28, 2013
The gift of faith opens me to receive the light, live in it, and spread it.
Pat Gohn Aug 15, 2013
We may need a deeper theology for women in church leadership, but that doesn't mean the Church has doesn't have a Theology of Women.
Pat Gohn May 30, 2013
Mary always brings Jesus with her.
Pat Gohn Apr 03, 2013
In our popes and priests and sisters and layfolk, we find the means to parent each other.
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