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Hesham A. Hassaballa Aug 12, 2013
As with many other readers, I took away from the book what I believed about Jesus before I started reading it.
An American Islam
Hesham A. Hassaballa Jul 25, 2013
On the surface, fasting nearly seventeen hours daily for Ramadan seems rather insane. But if you knew how much it remedies the soul, you would fast, too.
Hesham A. Hassaballa May 29, 2013
A Muslim prayer for forgiveness holds the key to the beautiful loving relationship God has with mankind.
Hesham A. Hassaballa Apr 28, 2013
To be religious, to be close to God, is to understand His love and mercy and the protection of innocent lives.
Hesham A. Hassaballa Apr 11, 2013
Sen. Alan Hays, sponsor of an anti-Sharia bill, told constituents that supporting the bill meant they were standing up for Jesus Christ. Doesn't that imply that Christians hate Muslims?
Hesham A. Hassaballa Feb 20, 2013
There is no greater love than the love God has for us, and with His love, everything is possible.
Hesham A. Hassaballa Dec 06, 2012
The story of Mary is one spoken with great reverence in the Quran, for she is a woman like no other.
Hesham A. Hassaballa Nov 20, 2012
As I reflect on what I have to be thankful for, I think of God and his ninety-nine attributes, one of which is Al Shakur, or the Appreciative.
Hesham A. Hassaballa Nov 13, 2012
It was a decisive loss for hate in the 2012 elections, when key Congressional members of the Islamophobic network lost their reelection bids. How influential was the Muslim vote?
Hesham A. Hassaballa Aug 29, 2012
A new poll details unfavorable views of Muslims and Arabs held by Republicans. Is there hope for forging a new, respectful relationship?
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