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Lisa Mladinich Jun 12, 2013
Can you really just put everything in God's hands?
Lisa Mladinich Dec 13, 2012
Donna-Marie Cooper Boyle is a voice of reasonable Catholic love.
Lisa Mladinich Jul 31, 2012
An interview with author and new-media trailblazer Greg Willits who says Catholic layfolk are "being given an opportunity to be modern-day evangelists and apostles."
Lisa Mladinich Jul 10, 2012
Lisa Mladinich
Lisa Mladinich Jun 26, 2012
Biblical scholar Stephen J. Binz's life and work are focused on helping Catholics build a relationship to scripture through Lectio Divina.
Lisa Mladinich Jun 12, 2012
Like a gunslinger, Christian Le Blanc’s gentle drawl belies an explosive quick-draw capability that has the Catholic townsfolk wide-eyed and Bible ignorance on the run.
Lisa Mladinich May 22, 2012
One child's special needs become a family's special blessings.
Lisa Mladinich Apr 17, 2012
"Amazing Catechists" teaches church in more ways than one.
Lisa Mladinich Apr 03, 2012
So-called "psychic readers" are con men, but that doesn't mean a real threat of evil does not exist, under many forms.
Lisa Mladinich Mar 27, 2012
Because we live in a world of things both seen and unseen, we must hold to what we know -- including the power of prayer and fasting
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