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Confessing History
John Fea Mar 13, 2012
Liberal education is not for snobs. It is essential to the very survival of our republic.
John Fea Mar 06, 2012
The Boss's new album, Wrecking Ball, uses Christian faith to bridge the gap between American reality and the American dream.
John Fea Feb 29, 2012
The GOP presidential candidate is confused about Kennedy's famous Houston speech.
Confessing History
John Fea Feb 15, 2012
Barack Obama, a devout Christian, offered people of faith much promise in 2008. He has largely failed to deliver -- but there is still hope.
John Fea Feb 08, 2012
The Romney campaign's purposeful use of a quote they know to be false is a detestable use of the past for political gain.
Confessing History
John Fea Jan 25, 2012
Bruce Springsteen's new single calls us to renew the promise of America by loving one another.
John Fea Jan 18, 2012
A Santorum-Obama showdown, though unlikely, would clarify the competing visions of America's "moral enterprise."
John Fea Jan 11, 2012
The uncivil nature of the GOP primary season is nothing new in American history, but this does not mean we should not be disgusted by it.
John Fea Nov 23, 2011
The recent Newt Gingrich-Freddie Mac case raises questions about the value of historical knowledge.
John Fea Nov 09, 2011
Christians can learn how to love God with their minds from an unlikely source: Benjamin Franklin.
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