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Alyce M. McKenzie Jul 17, 2014
When we are living into a difficult calling, we need to be able to discern the difference between good advice and good news.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jul 14, 2014
It is interesting that Paul, writing to what was probably a predominantly male audience, would have invoked the imagery of a pain that has never been felt by males.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jul 08, 2014
Just because we are susceptible to sin doesn't mean we're doomed to be sinners.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jun 29, 2014
Taking on Jesus' yoke also means laying down certain burdens that are no longer necessary for us to carry.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jun 19, 2014
When we give our lives away for some purpose beyond ourselves, that paradoxically results in a gain. As Christians we would call that the reward of the righteous.
Alyce M. McKenzie Jun 15, 2014
What observations and admonitions for life are on your "string of beads" you wear into the world?
Don Underwood Jun 08, 2014
What if faithful proclamation of the Good News demands the courage to acknowledge that faith isn't easy?
David N. Mosser Jun 04, 2014
On Pentecost, God takes a group of haphazard, diverse believers and unites us with the precious gift of spirit-language.
Blair R. Monie May 23, 2014
The rapture of Jesus is, like Pentecost, a birthing of a very worldly church, which is called not to simply stand there, looking up, but to get about the work that Jesus began.
Anna Hosemann-Butler May 19, 2014
We typically think of children when we think of "orphans," but any of us can be orphaned at any age. What is Jesus' message for us when we're feeling alone and afraid?
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