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Thomas S. Kidd Apr 05, 2012
Amid the eclipse of religious liberty, is tiny Tunisia showing the way to the light?
Thomas S. Kidd Mar 21, 2012
Reducing the gospel of Christ to the consumerism of Christendom has hastened the deterioration of our culture. But opportunity for repentance and renewal is always at hand.
Thomas S. Kidd Mar 06, 2012
The average American teenager's cultural diet of school, media, sports, and/or church is not preparing them to emerge as morally capable adults.
Thomas S. Kidd Feb 22, 2012
Politicized faith is a key historic ingredient in denominational decline.
Thomas S. Kidd Feb 01, 2012
Acknowledging slavery does not detract from the Founders' accomplishments.
Thomas S. Kidd Jan 18, 2012
The Supreme Court's Hosanna-Tabor decision was a triumph for religious liberty, but the case itself shows why we need to remain vigilant.
Faith in History
Thomas S. Kidd Jan 04, 2012
Why everyone interested in American religious history should know about Charles Hodge.
Thomas S. Kidd Dec 22, 2011
Anxiety about how to celebrate Christmas has been with us for centuries.
Faith in History
Thomas S. Kidd Dec 07, 2011
How Patrick Henry's upbringing helped make him the "First among Patriots."
Thomas S. Kidd Nov 23, 2011
The religious roots of Thanksgiving speak to the essence of America, and against the danger of overconsumption.
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