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God in the Age of Kali
Ramesh Rao Feb 17, 2014
Tyagaraja's music is indeed divine, and he not only wrote lovingly about his chosen deity, Sri Rama, but wrote more than a dozen songs on the nature and beauty of spiritual music.
Ramesh Rao Jan 26, 2014
I realized that cults were cults, however smart the followers, and however sophisticated the gurus.
Ramesh Rao Jan 06, 2013
Those who assert that their religious faith is the only one that paves the way to God contribute to human suffering and conflict.
Ramesh Rao Aug 05, 2012
Existing rhetoric about religious freedom in India may indicate a colonial, imperialist hangover, as well as the Christian's wish to be his brother's keeper.
Ramesh Rao Jun 26, 2012
We need to be more diligent and creative in our explorations of the many ways in which our lives interact with others and why we do what we do the way we do.
God in the Age of Kali
Ramesh Rao Apr 17, 2012
The one, true goal of Mantra Yoga is the unfolding of our spiritual and real self.
God in the Age of Kali
Ramesh Rao Mar 07, 2012
Sadhguru may be "a strange man," but is he for real?
God in the Age of Kali
Ramesh Rao Feb 14, 2012
Different class, caste, ethnic, linguistic, regional, cultural, and educational affiliations make Indians one of the most diverse peoples in the world. How could one guru satisfy them all?
God in the Age of Kali
Ramesh Rao Jan 16, 2012
Read the Bhagavad Gita carefully, thoughtfully, fully and come to understand the challenges of being human, of being good, of acting without desiring the fruits thereof.
God in the Age of Kali
Ramesh Rao Jan 03, 2012
Radhanath Swami's journey invites us all into the search.
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