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Marci A. Hamilton May 26, 2011
A law professor and victim advocate on blaming the Sixties for child sex abuse.
Marci A. Hamilton May 12, 2011
If the Pope believes in truth and protection for the vulnerable, his letter to the bishops will endorse statutes of limitations reform.
Marci A. Hamilton May 09, 2011
When authorities cannot envision their obligations under the law as distinct from their obligations within their religion, oppression is not far behind.
Marci A. Hamilton Apr 27, 2011
The Supreme Court narrows the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.
Marci A. Hamilton Apr 14, 2011
Children will be protected when Americans insist on the truth, even when it is difficult to read and heart-breaking to know.
Marci A. Hamilton Apr 06, 2011
The basic problem here is that the Philadelphia Archdiocese cannot work itself out of its urge to protect priests before children.
Marci A. Hamilton Mar 31, 2011
Congress and the state legislatures owe it to potential employees of religious institutions to warn them of their lack of protection from invidious discrimination.
Marci A. Hamilton Mar 19, 2011
Waves of betrayal rock the Church in Philadelphia; one Catholic family after another has family photos of precious rites of passage that include a pedophile.
Marci A. Hamilton Mar 09, 2011
The Archdiocese's apparent release of all the files pertinent to the Grand Jury Report begs some questions.
Marci A. Hamilton Mar 04, 2011
The cure for the ugly talk coming from the Westboro Baptist Church is more speech, not less.
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