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Pat McNamara Apr 01, 2013
She fled the violence of the Bolsheviks, but found that advocating Civil Rights could be as deadly as revolutionary Russia.
Pat McNamara Mar 11, 2013
What's a conclave? And what happens? And how long will it take?
Pat McNamara Jan 02, 2013
In Woodside, a fascinating graveyard encapsulates New York's history.
Pat McNamara Dec 17, 2012
Ambition and natural leadership skills sometimes hid Cardinal Spellman's capacity for compassion.
Pat McNamara Dec 10, 2012
It's worth remembering when Catholicism was repressed and priests were hidden in "priest-holes" in order to minister in England.
Pat McNamara Nov 01, 2012
Fifteen favorite saints for a saint-oriented week.
Pat McNamara Oct 22, 2012
The humorous Al Smith Dinner honors a Catholic politician and social reformer, a "happy warrior" and enemy of the Klan.
Pat McNamara Oct 15, 2012
"I think the difference between me and some people is that I'm content to do my little bit."
Pat McNamara Oct 08, 2012
A Civil War veteran, a reformed drunkard, a rich man, a penitent: an inspiring story of love, hope, and joy.
Pat McNamara Oct 02, 2012
His background gave Archbishop Fulton Sheen a unique ability to convey "everyman" sensibilities with elegance.
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