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Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Nov 19, 2012
In Matt Litton's new book, Holy Nomad, we learn that there's more to the journey than travelling.
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Sep 17, 2012
As a Christian, a scientist, and a firm believer that evolution doesn't contradict scripture, Giberson has become a hero for likeminded evangelicals.
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald May 23, 2012
A new book, "A Faith of Our Own," may help young evangelicals and post-evangelicals see the way, but there's still a long road ahead.
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald May 01, 2012
Paul Simon isn't sure about God, and that's what makes him such an excellent "God chronicler" in his latest album, "So Beautiful or So What."
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Mar 25, 2012
Why are evangelicals throwing their support behind Rick Santorum, a Catholic?
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Feb 09, 2012
On the similarities between the "Young, Restless, Reformed" movement and The Empire.
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Jan 25, 2012
What does the absence of a strong evangelical contender in the Republican presidential primaries reveal about the current American religious landscape?
In Progress
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Jan 12, 2012
Millennials are marked by a certain "niceness," but is it all just a marketing scheme?
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Dec 15, 2011
The oft-used phrase "new evangelical" is often applied to people who aren't evangelical at all.
Jonathan D. Fitzgerald Dec 07, 2011
A recent debate between Arthur Brooks and Jim Wallis called into question how Christians should identify politically.
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