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Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Sep 30, 2012
The Hebrew month of Tishrei (which contains the holiday of Sukkot, as well as Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur) truly serves as the month of return—the return to God, return to reality, and the return to oneself.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Aug 29, 2012
When a parent lives an inspired life of positive purpose and follow through, he becomes the "light" of his child's life, and the child is drawn to admire him and emulate his ways.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Aug 29, 2012
Childrearing is all about fostering growth, not about manufacturing a product.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Aug 22, 2012
Only when there is a real recognition and acceptance of the child as an individual of value can our children grow and progress into the higher versions of themselves.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Aug 16, 2012
Raising healthy children requires affirmation of the genuine goodness within them.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Aug 01, 2012
Even great acts must give way to ordinary goodness.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Jul 26, 2012
Going to the Temple is like connecting your computer to a wi-fi hotspot. The difference is that you can take the hotspot with you wherever you go.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Jul 18, 2012
A tribute to a Mormon thinker's popular set of principles, which are reaffirmed by Jewish teachings.
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Jul 05, 2012
Even in the democratic West, the value of "reality" rules.
Kabbalah Korner
Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Jun 27, 2012
Who is doing the honoring in most Western families? With what results?
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