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Life in the Marketplace of Ideas
Timothy Dalrymple Aug 01, 2012
Authors Jedd Medefind and Erik Lokkesmoe explain how following Jesus remakes your words and world.
Timothy Dalrymple Jan 10, 2012
Rick Santorum explains how faith can and should shape our social discourse, and how a new awakening of conservative Christians can change America.
Timothy Dalrymple Aug 15, 2011
A theologian, philosopher and university president reflects on salvation, grace, and the problem of other religions.
Timothy Dalrymple Jun 09, 2011
A chorus of critics has challenged Warren Cole Smith's argument against voting a Mormon into the Oval Office. Now, Smith responds to his critics.
Timothy Dalrymple May 18, 2011
The President of Focus on the Family explains how his organization supports families, stands up for family values, and ultimately strengthens society.
Life in the Marketplace of Ideas
Timothy Dalrymple May 12, 2011
The younger generations today are more opposed to abortion than their elders. Driving this cultural change are two factors: new technologies and the truths they reveal.
Timothy Dalrymple May 01, 2011
President Obama is rightly praised for getting bin Laden. But if we fail to appreciate the role Bush played, we miss an important part of the story.
Timothy Dalrymple Apr 26, 2011
The first in a series examines the climate of callous disregard that made Gosnell's attitude not only possible, but the logical consequence of our political and culture posture.
Life in the Marketplace of Ideas
Timothy Dalrymple Mar 27, 2011
Gordon College's selection of D. Michael Lindsay for its new President represents a passing of the generational torch, and a tremendous opportunity for both Lindsay and Gordon.
Life in the Marketplace of Ideas
Timothy Dalrymple Mar 16, 2011
William Stuntz gave us an extraordinary portrait of faith in the midst of suffering. Now God has called, and Bill has answered. He is with the God who longed for him.
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