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Naked Theology
Brian McLaren Apr 08, 2012
It is good and right to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning, but even better and greater to choose to affiliate with it, identify with it, join it, give ourselves to it.
Brian McLaren Feb 21, 2012
Rick Santorum is right: it is about theology. The question is which theology is phony and foolish and which is authentic and wise.
Brian McLaren Feb 21, 2012
Adding something good to your life during Lent -- say, reading the gospels -- may mean giving up stuff that you need to give up anyway.
Brian McLaren Feb 01, 2012
A year-end accounting mistake led me to give away too much money -- but to realize how we're all caught between two American dreams.
Brian McLaren Jan 09, 2012
If the God we worship is a projection of who we are now, our worship will form in us a hardened version of our current identity. But if our vision of God is ahead of us . . .
Brian McLaren Dec 08, 2011
I'd recommend we abandon "take it back" language altogether -- not simply as a verbal exercise, but as a move or posture of spiritual practice, in the way of Jesus.
Naked Theology
Brian McLaren Nov 22, 2011
There is a spiritual dimension to the Occupy movement that too few people understand. A first-hand report from Occupy D.C.
Brian McLaren Nov 11, 2011
My name is Brian McLaren, and I approved this title.
Brian McLaren Nov 01, 2011
What if seminaries became more like entrepreneurial boot camps than shop management schools?
Brian McLaren Oct 19, 2011
I'm in, and would encourage others to join the occupation. Not as a representative of your church or denomination, but as a human being, who is there to contribute and to learn.
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