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John C. Holbert Jan 27, 2015
When a prophetic word remains empty, unrelated to the powerful love and challenge of YHWH that is shown throughout the Hebrew Bible, then it is plainly not YHWH's word.
John C. Holbert Jan 19, 2015
Whenever we read the Bible and use it to exclude, deny, and reject living creatures of God, there is Jonah.
John C. Holbert Jan 13, 2015
I can only conclude from the scene of Samuel's confrontation with YHWH's voice in the night at Shiloh that hearing the voice of God is both exhilarating and very dangerous.
John C. Holbert Jan 09, 2015
This poem is easily 3500 years old, yet its ancient cry for strength leading to the search for peace remains supremely relevant to us as we strive for peace in a world bent on war and destruction.
John C. Holbert Dec 23, 2014
Yes, the Hebrew Bible still offers us much to ponder and much upon which to chew at Epiphany and throughout the year.
John C. Holbert Dec 23, 2014
All of nature is from the hand of God; it is not finally up to us to determine the value of nature, to determine whether or not it is "useful."
John C. Holbert Dec 22, 2014
To cite "one little candle" as our answer to the darkness is both romanticized foolishness and absolute truth.
John C. Holbert Dec 15, 2014
Does not that child of Bethlehem come, too, to call us all to our higher and better selves? Does he not grow up to urge us to be less like David and more like him?
John C. Holbert Dec 06, 2014
By quoting Isaiah 61 Luke reminds his hearers and readers that the sweet little Jesus boy is no one to be trifled with or romanticized.
John C. Holbert Dec 02, 2014
God comforts us in order that we may at long last become what God wanted us to be from the beginning.
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