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John C. Holbert Apr 08, 2016
Being able to recite Psalm 23 is one thing, but actually understanding what it is really saying is something altogether different.
John C. Holbert Apr 06, 2016
God in fact needs us. Is that so hard to believe or accept?
John C. Holbert Mar 29, 2016
"Put not your trust in princes" should be emblazoned on all of our hearts this political season, along with the reminder that the stone we may have rejected may be the very stone that God will use to make our world the place God wants it to be.
John C. Holbert Mar 18, 2016
We need a larger sense of the resurrection! We need a celebration that announces that we are no longer confined to our petty individualized personal heavens, but live on a vast canvas of God's promises for all.
John C. Holbert Mar 15, 2016
I have no doubt that all of us are called to open our ears to YHWH/God and to speak truth to whatever powers that our world presents to us.
John C. Holbert Mar 07, 2016
The next time you pass through one desert or another, keep a sharp eye out for a river in a place you hardly imagined it might be — it could well be a new thing of God.
John C. Holbert Mar 02, 2016
Why does this text hold interest for us in the 21st century? Because we, too, are called to sow and reap.
John C. Holbert Feb 24, 2016
In this passage, Isaiah calls his people, and calls us, to something we are loathe to take on: humility.
John C. Holbert Feb 15, 2016
Genesis 15 is both troubling and immensely hopeful. Here, I'll discuss a bit of both qualities found in the passage, and you preachers may choose whether to be troubling or hopeful on this particular Sunday in Lent!
John C. Holbert Feb 08, 2016
This Ash Wednesday, why not sing, "Ashes, ashes, we all stand up" for those who need us, the poor, the oppressed, and especially for our friends in the LGBTQ community.
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