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John C. Holbert Sep 29, 2015
The first two chapters of Job are the curtain raiser of the drama, the opening act of the play, designed to present to us the old God, the God whom Israel so often claimed to know and worship. A new God is set to emerge later in the play.
John C. Holbert Sep 11, 2015
Lady Wisdom calls to us in the streets and highways of our cities, crying out, "How long, you simpletons, will you just love being simple?" It is far past time that we heed her call.
John C. Holbert Sep 02, 2015
One cannot read the Bible's proverbs quickly; they must be savored, mused upon, delighted in, argued with. Only then can they play a role in the preaching of the full truth of God.
John C. Holbert Aug 24, 2015
Why is it so hard to hard for us to accept that the Song of Songs is simply a bawdy and seductive paean to physical love?
John C. Holbert Aug 17, 2015
Solomon was a very dangerous king, and so are we dangerous the minute we forget the source of all we have and are.
John C. Holbert Aug 10, 2015
The Bible rarely if ever says, "Be like this or that character." It rather says, "You are like this or that character; now what do you propose to do about it?"
John C. Holbert Jul 28, 2015
David's story is yet another example of "what goes around, comes around," and the bad things we do today affect all of our tomorrows in ways we can never quite predict and certainly do not want.
John C. Holbert Jul 22, 2015
Yes, David is not where he is supposed to be in this passage, and yes, his hands are idle, just ready for the devil's work, but I find something even more potentially dangerous and disturbing here.
John C. Holbert Jul 15, 2015
In the light of the man David, the oily, clever trickster who stops at nothing to become king and remain king, I wonder if this long prayer is more of the same self-aggrandizing, self-serving sort of palaver we have come to expect from David.
John C. Holbert Jul 08, 2015
Like David, we imagine that God is ever with us, approving our actions, blessing our designs, shouting a divine Amen as we seek our own paths, which too often are far from God's hoped-for realm and rule.
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