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John C. Holbert Sep 15, 2014
This mode of living, enough for today, "our daily bread," as a later prophet asked us to pray, is nothing less than YHWH's Torah. How are you passing the test?
John C. Holbert Sep 08, 2014
God is working on us at this very moment to turn us toward the healing of the planet, the 'tikkun olam' of Judaism, "a healing of all."
John C. Holbert Sep 02, 2014
What can we Christians learn from this peculiarly intrusive ritual text concerning the Passover?
John C. Holbert Aug 25, 2014
God's so-called revelation at the burning bush is that God's name may not be known, and Moses and we must learn to live with that.
John C. Holbert Aug 18, 2014
It is always far easier to play the tyrant than it is to be God's people.
John C. Holbert Aug 11, 2014
Yes, revenge is sweet, but like all sweet things it is, in the end, not very good for you.
John C. Holbert Aug 03, 2014
This is fully a Genesis tale: trickery and hatred and deception abound, and the hero is finally not so heroic after all.
John C. Holbert Jul 28, 2014
"Jacob wrestles with a man" is in fact what the text itself says, but that designation may stand in the way of a fuller understanding.
John C. Holbert Jul 17, 2014
The founders of Israel are, like us, always ready to get even, always concerned to get the best stuff, always interested in the way to save their own skin.
John C. Holbert Jul 14, 2014
Like Jacob, in the face of God's free gift we too often grudgingly give God a crumb or two and imagine we are then God's followers.
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