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John C. Holbert Jul 28, 2015
David's story is yet another example of "what goes around, comes around," and the bad things we do today affect all of our tomorrows in ways we can never quite predict and certainly do not want.
John C. Holbert Jul 22, 2015
Yes, David is not where he is supposed to be in this passage, and yes, his hands are idle, just ready for the devil's work, but I find something even more potentially dangerous and disturbing here.
John C. Holbert Jul 15, 2015
In the light of the man David, the oily, clever trickster who stops at nothing to become king and remain king, I wonder if this long prayer is more of the same self-aggrandizing, self-serving sort of palaver we have come to expect from David.
John C. Holbert Jul 08, 2015
Like David, we imagine that God is ever with us, approving our actions, blessing our designs, shouting a divine Amen as we seek our own paths, which too often are far from God's hoped-for realm and rule.
John C. Holbert Jun 30, 2015
This Sunday follows by one day the loud celebrations of July 4, and it could be that this peculiar little text is just the one we need to hear in the midst of our chaotic and patriotic events.
John C. Holbert Jun 22, 2015
If you think that modern day politicians invented the art of the "spin," you need to hear how cleverly David rereads the death of Saul and Jonathan in order to pave his way to the kingship of Israel.
John C. Holbert Jun 16, 2015
In taking on Goliath, was David as ill-equipped and innocent of a boy as we've been taught to believe?
John C. Holbert Jun 08, 2015
Can any man or woman really know what God actually wants, no matter how how prophetic or powerful they may claim to be?
John C. Holbert Jun 04, 2015
We preachers have more than once been confused in our lives about when our claims to speak the word of God bump against the actual human words of our own devising.
John C. Holbert May 28, 2015
"Here am I, send me" often is the first response to those who sense a call from God, but once we see what God may have in store for us, "Choose somebody else" may fly from our lips more readily.
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