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John C. Holbert Jul 06, 2014
However much we want to claim they we are not like these very human characters; in fact, we are. We are Jacob; we are Esau; we are Abraham and Sarah.
John C. Holbert Jun 27, 2014
The Bible gives us always the stuff of real life, not merely the romanticized would-be life. How grateful we preachers must be for such amazing writing from so long ago!
John C. Holbert Jun 22, 2014
We preachers must learn to speak of the demands of faith without resorting to stories that employ the abuse and murder of a child to make a point.
John C. Holbert Jun 15, 2014
How easily does our gracious laughter turn to angry arrogance when the shoe is now on our bigoted feet?
John C. Holbert Jun 05, 2014
It is time for us, past time, to end this foolish and incorrect notion that it is our world. It is, and always has been, God's world.
John C. Holbert Jun 02, 2014
Many readers of this story focus their attention on the spooky details of wind, fire, and amazing speech, and miss the real story Luke is trying to tell.
John C. Holbert May 23, 2014
Ascension Sunday is about the dangers of looking high when Jesus asks us to look low at the people he has come to redeem.
John C. Holbert May 18, 2014
There can be no real dialogue with those with whom we do not agree unless we can imagine that we have as much to learn from our partners as we have to teach them.
John C. Holbert May 08, 2014
I find no joy in Luke's story of the stoning of Stephen, but his introduction of Saul/Paul into the story offers me a glimmer of hope for the future of the faith.
John C. Holbert May 04, 2014
According to Luke, "Christian family" has little to do with abortion or the choice of marriage partner; nor does it particularly involve dutiful children.
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