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Sam Webster May 14, 2013
The ancient icons of the Gods were destroyed in order to break worshippers' contact with their deities. Animating icons will make the Gods' power and blessings more accessible again.
Sam Webster Apr 16, 2013
It is time for Pagans to restore sacrifice to its ancient and central place in our rites. The world needs the Gods in Their fullest presence.
Pagan Restoration
Sam Webster Apr 02, 2013
In 200 words or less, why is Sam Webster Pagan?
Sam Webster Mar 19, 2013
A Pagan who worships the Christian God is rendering aid and comfort to an enemy: a Being who wishes Pagans destroyed or to have their religions and culture removed by conversion.
Sam Webster Feb 19, 2013
In the Pagan community, authority is persuasive, not coercive. I write here to provoke debate, not to create or enforce dogma.
Sam Webster Jan 15, 2013
The old ways need to be rebuilt, and Paganism will become something new and different, rooted in the ancient and fulfilling the needs of today.
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