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Peter Canova Nov 11, 2012
The highest form of spirituality is to rise as high as you can in your given field and then give back.
Peter Canova Oct 07, 2012
We are not alone, that the divine provides eternal images and archetypes to help us if we can become conscious of them.
Peter Canova Sep 16, 2012
This is Quantum Spirituality in a nutshell, the place where mystic knowledge intersects with science to hint at the roots of our creation.
Peter Canova Sep 09, 2012
Science and spiritual mysticism begin to shed light on the true nature of reality.
Peter Canova Sep 02, 2012
The weirdness and wonder of the Higgs boson particle gives us clues about the spiritual life.
Peter Canova Aug 26, 2012
When we can arrive at similar information derived objectively from the scientific method, and subjectively from spiritual mysticism, we know we're onto something.
Peter Canova Aug 19, 2012
All paradoxes are eliminated and all quantum phenomena explained if we see consciousness as the source of all reality.
Peter Canova Aug 12, 2012
Traditional religion completely misunderstood the archetypical, symbolic meaning of the Christian story.
Peter Canova Aug 08, 2012
True spirituality is a personal journey and a personal experience while religion is something based on faith in the dogmas and teachings of others.
Quantum Spirituality
Peter Canova Jul 29, 2012
A way exists that transcends the limitations of secular science and traditional religion.
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