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Elijah Davidson Nov 21, 2011
What might both the French and American church learn from a children's movie?
Reel Spirituality
Elijah Davidson Sep 22, 2011
Machine Gun Preacher is as urgent and opinionated as its title suggests, but does it have anything to say?
Reel Spirituality
Elijah Davidson Sep 08, 2011
Warrior is a thrilling and disturbing movie about two brothers trapped in a cage of their own making. Should we join them?
Reel Spirituality
Elijah Davidson Sep 01, 2011
"The Help," it turns out, has less to say about race than it does about class and materialism. Elijah Davidson explains.
Elijah Davidson Jul 11, 2011
Pixar made a Larry the Cable Guy movie. Should we laugh at hapless Mater, or pity him?
Elijah Davidson Jun 15, 2011
Does developing more refined tastes ruin our appetite for more pedestrian fare?
Elijah Davidson May 04, 2011
The film "Hanna" represents a trend in recent movies that celebrate violence for their sheer entertainment value, without any moral qualms.
Elijah Davidson Apr 14, 2011
What is the heart of faithfulness? Believing without doubt? Or acting in simple faithfulness even in the midst of doubt?
Elijah Davidson Mar 31, 2011
What is a film so unabashedly hopeful doing in this cynical universe we inhabit?
Reel Spirituality
Elijah Davidson Mar 21, 2011
Is professional film criticism dead, and if so, what does this shift mean for our broader culture?
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