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Rosalynde Welch Jan 15, 2013
The best question to ask is not whether this book is deeply right or deeply wrong, but whether it is deeply Mormon.
Rosalynde Welch Nov 27, 2012
What I learned in freshman English didn't change my life until years later.
Rosalynde Welch Oct 31, 2012
A fine, funny new film explores the fraught cultural territory of Mormon singles.
Rosalynde Welch Oct 17, 2012
Shame is destructive, but can it be harnessed by the community for good use?
Rosalynde Welch Oct 04, 2012
We verify the Lord's word when we take it into our lives and make it true.
Rosalynde Welch Sep 27, 2012
What a Facebook conversation taught me about the nature of reality, and what that means for our most important discussions.
Rosalynde Welch Sep 19, 2012
The present becomes merely an instrumental passage through time, a means to a deferred happy end, rather than the gracefully given, gratefully received substance of life itself.
Salt and Seed
Rosalynde Welch Sep 11, 2012
If agency is the condition that results in individual humans taking different paths, we might look for its source in the unique constellation of identities and ideologies that forms each of us.
Rosalynde Welch Jul 26, 2012
Are the Christian ethics of the global North good for the global South?
Rosalynde Welch Jun 28, 2012
John Dehlin's Mormon Stories project has a contradiction at its center. Whether it's a fatal error or a brilliant accident is yet to be seen.
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