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Christine Valters Paintner Sep 11, 2015
What if your fundamental commitment was to only offer your body and soul that which is nourishing and to listen to what depletes you and say no to those things?
Seasons of the Soul
Christine Valters Paintner Jun 17, 2015
When we pause between activities or moments in our day, we open ourselves to the possibility of discovering a new kind of presence to the "in-between times."
Christine Valters Paintner May 20, 2015
If, when Pentecost arrives, you do not find yourself perplexed or amazed, consider releasing the tight grip of your certain thoughts and make space for holy surprise.
Christine Valters Paintner May 13, 2015
If entered into mindfully and with a whole heart, each encounter on the road has the potential to transform. The pilgrim returns home not with all the answers, but with better questions.
Christine Valters Paintner May 07, 2015
In times when feeling disconnection and isolation is easier than ever, love calls us to step into the flesh and blood relationships, to engage, to risk, to be vulnerable.
Christine Valters Paintner Apr 30, 2015
Resurrection calls us to experience the full weight and lightness of our physical being, to claim the beauty of our embodied selves, and to let gratitude for these vessels of aliveness overflow.
Christine Valters Paintner Apr 24, 2015
What would it mean to wander and allow yourself to feel the vulnerability of being a bit lost or disoriented? What new awareness might break in from this softened place?
Christine Valters Paintner Apr 17, 2015
We walk by a thousand ordinary revelations every day in our busyness and preoccupation. What would it be like to move through our day, watching for what shimmers and then savoring them?
Christine Valters Paintner Apr 09, 2015
Sometimes resurrection feels very far away and we cry out for some sort of proof that life is fundamentally good and that beauty sustains all things. This is why I love the story of Thomas.
Christine Valters Paintner Apr 03, 2015
The call of Easter is this simple invitation: to step forth across the threshold, to release all you thought you know, to hold your palms open, to say yes to what comes.
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