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Christine Valters Paintner Feb 17, 2015
This season I am being invited to fast from things like "ego-grasping" and noticing when I so desperately want to be in control, and then yielding myself to a greater wisdom than my own.
Christine Valters Paintner Jan 05, 2015
As you cross this threshold into the New Year, what star beckons you in the night? How might you own your journey more deeply in the coming year?
Christine Valters Paintner Oct 22, 2014
We are each a multitude of differing energies and personalities. A lot of our inner conflict comes from our stubborn refusal to make space for the multiplicity we contain.
Christine Valters Paintner Sep 23, 2014
As autumn tilts us toward the season of growing darkness, consider this an invitation to yield to the mystery of your own heart's desires.
Seasons of the Soul
Christine Valters Paintner Sep 09, 2014
The great wisdom of autumn is in the falling. It calls us to imagine entering into the journey of the leaf as it descends.
Seasons of the Soul
Christine Valters Paintner Aug 26, 2014
Many of us live in fear of the cultural breakdown happening right before our eyes, and yet in some ways, what we most need is a breaking apart before a coming together can happen.
Christine Valters Paintner Mar 28, 2013
What does it mean for us to not just say we believe in a resurrected life, but to truly practice resurrection? Here are some practices for returning "home" to your body.
Christine Valters Paintner Jan 02, 2013
Imagine if your New Year's wasn't about fixing or improving, but about deepening and transforming, about embracing the holy mystery at the heart of the world.
Christine Valters Paintner Sep 30, 2012
What if everything that turns our preconceived ideas inside out is precisely where we find God?
Seasons of the Soul
Christine Valters Paintner Sep 12, 2012
In the silence, I remember that my life is not wholly good or bad here. The discomfort and the exhilaration are both essential to my experience.
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