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Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Jul 16, 2014
The theme of the need for courage and the courage or cheer that the gospel brings continues in scriptures revealed through Joseph Smith.
James Faulconer Jul 09, 2014
There is room in Mormonism for private devotion, but at its heart it is a religion of the community rather than the individual.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer May 15, 2014
Beliefs, theological or otherwise, don't have a special, more fundamental place in their relationship with the other parts of religious life and experience.
James Faulconer May 08, 2014
Many Mormons mistakenly believe that there is pure doctrine somewhere, some set of propositions that lays out clearly all or most of what we believe.
James Faulconer Apr 23, 2014
Can we understand the Three Nephites as people, like the bodhisattva and the Mahdî, who sacrifice their existence by consecrating their existence to others?
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Apr 16, 2014
We celebrate the new bodily and spiritual life that he offers, an embrace by God here and now and not just something that we await.
James Faulconer Apr 10, 2014
We rebel by being unable to hear and see. We cannot see our real condition. We cannot hear the truth.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Apr 02, 2014
To live the Christian virtues as they lead from one to another is to come to the Lord and know him as a person. It is to enter into a relationship of love with God.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Mar 20, 2014
That greatest of atheists, Nietzsche, may have been right in his arguments about one kind of religion, but his criticisms don't apply to the second.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Mar 14, 2014
What do Mormons mean when we say that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is "the only true church"?
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