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James Faulconer Oct 21, 2015
The desire for a faction or party within a larger whole, a sect in the literal sense, is tempting. It gives us an identity within that whole.
Speaking Silence
James Faulconer Sep 10, 2015
The more my life is a life of prayer, coram Deo, the more my private prayers will be full and genuine prayers.
James E Faulconer Aug 05, 2015
As we move more deeply into the 21st century, there are two major issues we must address before we go too much further.
James Faulconer Apr 27, 2015
There is no answer to the question of suffering if an answer means an explanation of its necessity or why some suffer so much more than others. But if "answer" means "response," then the gospel is the response.
James Faulconer Mar 12, 2015
Zion may always be in transition and always under revision. Perhaps that is what it means to be human beings always in need of continuing revelation.
James Faulconer Feb 18, 2015
The point of persuasion is to bring about change, a change in us, in our relationship, and, consequently, in the world. It is repentance in the broad sense.
James Faulconer Jan 29, 2015
The danger of identifying too closely with being not-Catholic is that we will forget that we are also not-Protestant. "Not" dominates in that thinking when instead "Restoration" should.
James Faulconer Jan 15, 2015
Ralph makes us uncomfortable because he won't quit asking those questions even when we think they have been resolved.
James Faulconer Jan 09, 2015
There's not much more that can be said at times like these.
James Faulconer Dec 12, 2014
Every being is inexorably part of the lace of life and creation. Every other person is my grandchild. I am every grandchild's potential bully.
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