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Frederick Schmidt Jul 14, 2014
Tell the truth, post with care, and trust the results to God. (That, after all, is one thing that hasn't changed in the digital age.)
The Spiritual Landscape
Frederick Schmidt Jul 06, 2014
Contextual ministry requires attention to local needs, especially when those needs don't match the standard urban model.
The Spiritual Landscape
Frederick Schmidt Jun 29, 2014
Capitalism creates an environment in which moral responsibility is inescapable, not by virtue of what it advocates, but by virtue of what it doesn't do.
The Spiritual Landscape
Frederick Schmidt Jun 23, 2014
Having shaped the modern mindset, Romanticism has insinuated itself into the church nonetheless. Does that matter?
Frederick Schmidt Jun 15, 2014
If we are going to offer people hope from the pulpit, then our congregations need to have some sense that we understand the nature of the loss that they've experienced.
The Spiritual Landscape
Frederick Schmidt Jun 08, 2014
True leaders let go of the fearful questions about legacy and make virtue their friend in the face of near certain anonymity.
Frederick Schmidt Jun 02, 2014
Notwithstanding the intelligent, gifted work that its practitioners are doing, interim ministry has slowed our growth and robbed us of resources for building the Kingdom.
Frederick Schmidt May 23, 2014
Here are five preaching tips from one who sits in the pew and knows what goes on in the study as you prepare.
Frederick Schmidt May 15, 2014
Nothing sidelines an institution faster than contraction and flailing that is labeled as vision and the dawning of a new era.
Frederick Schmidt May 08, 2014
In celebration of Patheos' 5th Anniversary, I'd like to take a few moments to note some trends I see emerging, trends that the traffic at Patheos has surfaced.
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