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Theological Provocations
Kyle Roberts Feb 08, 2012
John Piper has caused a stir with his emphasis on "masculine Christianity." But the doctrine of God makes room for the feminine.
Kyle Roberts Nov 23, 2011
A new book shows us once again how Christians can share a Bible and share a Savior and yet differ starkly on social and political issues.
Kyle Roberts Oct 31, 2011
Sometimes women find a mix of support, apathy and downright hostility at seminaries. Perhaps the best we can do is encourage them that they're loved, valued and needed.
Kyle Roberts Sep 20, 2011
On Global Alzheimer's Day, Pat Robertson has given us reason to rethink our understanding of Alzheimer's disease and human nature.
Kyle Roberts Sep 06, 2011
If we are really entering the twilight of postmodernism, there may still be time for evangelicals to learn its lessons.
Kyle Roberts Aug 09, 2011
John Stott's passing gives us pause to reflect on the future of evangelical theology. Can authenticity overcome controversy?
Theological Provocations
Kyle Roberts Jul 19, 2011
Church membership is a rarity today. Church leaders should create a culture of participation and shared ownership.
Kyle Roberts Jun 28, 2011
Evangelicalism may be losing social influence. But a loss of influence could bring a deeper understanding of the church's mission in the world.
Kyle Roberts Jun 14, 2011
During the recent NBA finals, players invoked God's providence to explain both victory and defeat. Does God care about basketball?
Kyle Roberts May 23, 2011
Christians should certainly question those who "prophesy" a specific date. Yet they should also question the underlying assumptions of rapture theology.
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