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Joseph Susanka Nov 29, 2012
To run away from the culture is to surrender it; one Catholic university is teaching engagement armed with truth.
Joseph Susanka Sep 21, 2012
If a little evil can work for good, why not a little more?
Through a Lens Darkly
Joseph Susanka Jul 26, 2012
A week after the shootings in Aurora, a young father returns to themes from The Dark Knight Saga to understand the importance of striving for the Good no matter the consequences.
Joseph Susanka Jul 17, 2012
The BBC's latest imagining of Sherlock Holmes places him in modern-day London -- and gives us a Watson who brings to mind the Incarnation.
Through a Lens Darkly
Joseph Susanka Jun 13, 2012
God warns us against idols not because He is jealous of our misguided affections, but because of their dangerous powers of transformation.
Through a Lens Darkly
Joseph Susanka May 22, 2012
There is no "use by" date on education, perseverance, and freedom.
Through a Lens Darkly
Joseph Susanka May 07, 2012
The scariest part of parenting is imagining a future in which we cannot make everything all right.
Joseph Susanka Apr 30, 2012
We humans are not just in the business of looking gift horses in the mouth -- we want to turn them into unicorns.
Joseph Susanka Apr 23, 2012
The longer I am a father, the more I am convinced that prayer and parenting are one-and-the-same.
Through a Lens Darkly
Joseph Susanka Apr 02, 2012
The Son (Le Fils) is a cinematic expression of our own wondering at the mystery of God's constant offers of mercy and love.
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