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Dogma Debate

Why Gun Nuts Lie – I Know From Experience

An admitted gun nut from Texas cracks down on the excuses of NRA supporters with high-powered assault rifles, and offers legislation that could fix the issue on both sides.

Miracle Girl

Wounds to the Body Politic

This election is promising to be one giant, angry gash that will take a very long time to heal. But our body politic may yet wind up stronger.

Able To Choose

The Worst Wig – Inside A Trump White House

STORY PITCH – “THE WORST WIG”: I spent last night with an old screenwriter friend of mine, lamenting the quality of writing, lack of depth, and generally poor production found in most episodic television these days. (Yes, we are elitist pricks.) We ended up reminiscing back to quality of The West Wing which still holds [Read More...]

Praying for Rain and Dancing with the Devil

Britain Votes Leave: Letting the Hatred Out

I belong in Europe. I feel like I have to rebuild who I am again. I had to build a new identity for myself when I left religion and no longer believed in God, who I was was torn down, I was shattered for good reason, I was  an unkind and inhumane person because of religion. On [Read More...]

Cognitive Demons

John Horgan’s Ideological Tribe

The science writer John Horgan is not, like he suggests, a tribal outcast. He does have an ideological tribe, and it is a problematic one.

The Atheist + The Pastor

Can an Atheist Value Faith?

I can’t subscribe to a religion or belief in any gods because I lack faith. So I’m what’s called an 'agnostic atheist.'

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