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The Disillusionist

Transgender Proof?

I have a question based on replies written by some of you on a couple of my previous posts. Is there solid biological proof to show someone is transgender? I saw someone mention people’s body and brain developing at different stages of development in the process of xx becoming xy. Can a genetic or other [Read More...]

Sin God

Ricky Rosado

  Ricky Rosado, a pastor in Bayamon, Puerto Rico revealed how he wants to tear down the “separation” of Church and State which still sort of exists in the United States. By flooding it with people who think like he does, that this wall ought to not exist. If you are curious about the situation [Read More...]

Foxy Folklorist

Disgust, Body Shaming, and Gendered Spaces

Disgust is close to a human universal. People have especially strong reactions to smells that they perceive as unwanted or disgusting. What, then, is the source of the smell - if a human - obligated to do?

Across Rivers Wide

Seeking Bad Counsel: On Therapy and Religious Exemptions

Is it unethical for therapists to refer clients because of religious objections? Maybe that isn't the right way to look at the problem.

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