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Love Joy Feminism

On Choosing a School in a Segregated World

School segregation did not disappear with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. In fact, by some measures American schools have become more segregated over the past few decades. As anyone who has looked at the problem knows, the root of this issue is residential segregation---as long as we have neighborhood schools, and as long as neighborhoods are highly segregated by race (and class, among other things), we will have segregated schools.Click through to read more!

On the Margin of Error

Is Quran Open to Multiple Interpretations?

I’m writing this post in order to bring two new posts on Quranist and Apostate blog, a joint blog with me and progressive Muslim blogger Farouk A. Peru. This time we basically asked if Quran is a book which has an absolutist or relativist approach when it comes to interpretations. While both of us first [Read More...]


Kids Are Back to School, So Good News Clubs Are Back to Deceiving Parents

THAT'S a Good News Club information and permission slip for a public school??  Oh no no no...

Natural Wonderers

How to Become an Ambassador for Your (Nonreligious) Worldview

Is it just me or does it seem, sometimes, that nonbelievers are more “tolerant” of people’s cultural beliefs than they are of people’s religious beliefs? Maybe that’s because culture implies something inclusive, unthreatening, even poetic; while religion implies something elitist, closed-minded — and not the least bit charming. I’m overgeneralizing here, of course, but hopefully you see my point. Like, when we think of “Nigerian [Read More...]

Brother Richard's Life Without Faith

Is There Religious Freedom in Atheist China?

Students of history know that Mao Zedong declared religion was one of the “Four Olds” and akin to Nazism. Therefore, it had to be eradicated, and his Communist regime demolished churches and jailed clergy. Moreover, if you went to church in the 60s and 70s, you heard stories of brave missionaries smuggling Bibles into China. [Read More...]

Foxy Folklorist

Sex Work Debates: “Against Your Best Interests” ≠ Illegal

Sex work needs to be decriminalized even though some people gripe about how it's against "the best interests" of those engaging in it. Because that's not how laws work.

Roll to Disbelieve

In the Echo Grove of Their Hearts.

The movie God's Club hammers constantly at the idea that the fictional town of Echo Grove, Vermont is some bastion of godlessness. But where is it? And is this idea of godlessness equating to immorality correct?

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