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No, Jim Bob Duggar. Your Claim That Children Are A Gift From God Is A Dangerous Lie.

Recently, Jim Bob Duggar wrote an open letter to fathers (nevermind the mothers, it seems — the father is the person who is supposed to be the one in charge of the whole household) that has some heartbreaking content. He says that his wife was on birth control pills, but that they weren’t aware that [Read More...]


The Atheist War on Thanksgiving

(via Facebook open source) Did you hear about the atheist war on Thanksgiving? Yeah, me either. As far as I know, there is no atheist war on Thanksgiving and since the mythological War on Christmas hysteria started well before Halloween this year, it’s a wonder anyone even thinks about Thanksgiving, except as an excuse to [Read More...]

The Google Doodle: Surprisingly, Ken Ham Was Right About Something.

If you're seeing this blog post a bit late, here's the writeup about the wide-release November 24th doodle from the folks at Google themselves. You see, November 24's doodle celebrates the 41st anniversary of the discovery of that world-famous Australopithecus afarensis skeleton quickly nicknamed "Lucy."


Glenn Beck warns that the Black Lives Matter movement is working for ISIS

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck discussed what he called the “zero hour” on his radio show this week saying that everything he has spent the last ten years warning us about is coming true.Beck said that with Thanksgiving upon us, his listeners may need some help with dealing with college-aged family members around the dinner table. Those young adults who care about social justice issues like the #BlackLivesMatter.

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