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Cognitive Demons

New Discovery of Ancient Neanderthal Rituals?

A new archaeological paper published in Nature  has caused something of a stir as it details the discovery in a cave in France of ancient structures intentionally built from stalagmites, which dating methods suggest to be around 176,000 years old. The main significance of this finding is that during this time period there were no homo-sapiens in the region, instead it was occupied by [Read More...]

Praying for Rain and Dancing with the Devil

The Time Warp: A Pastor for Your Thoughts?

  My mind messed me up the other day, it took me through a time warp, I reverted to my old ways, the ways I thought I had left behind. My brain freaked out and freaked me out, and I just can’t stop thinking about it. I met an ex-pastor and I struggled to understand [Read More...]

Able To Choose

VIDEO: How To Be A Homophobic Bigot (Youth Edition)

There is finally some good news for all of the bigoted and homophobic parents out there. If you’ve been trying to find a creative way to indoctrinate your children into judging and oppressing others at a young age, don’t worry – the Watchtower Society has got you covered! That’s right, folks – this hip new [Read More...]

The Atheist + The Pastor

Exodus (How an Atheist Married a Pastor)

How an atheist like me ended up married to a pastor.

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