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Progressive Secular Humanist

Heartbreaking: Atheist Teacher Illustrates Real Persecution

In a heartbreaking Reddit post, a public school teacher from Arizona illustrates the threat of persecution and discrimination faced by many atheists via a conversation with his eight-year-old son. Recently Redditor NeroJoe submitted the following post titled To the Christian lurkers on this sub, do you want to know what it really feels like to [Read More...]

Daylight Atheism

There’s No Religious Freedom to Refuse Service

Last week in Washington state, another special religious privilege bit the dust. The Ninth Circuit appeals court ruled unanimously that a pharmacist doesn’t have the right to refuse to fill a prescription for emergency contraception: A unanimous three-judge 9th Circuit panel on Thursday decided that the rules are constitutional because they rationally further the state’s [Read More...]

Brother Richard's Life Without Faith

Bill O’Reilly Says Satan Might Be Behind UC’s Transgender Identity Policy

I’ll be the first to admit that gender identity can be confusing. Hell, it was only a few years ago that I learned that gender was separate from sexual preferences. But, I’m open. I ask questions. I’m trying to learn. That being said, Bill O’Reilly recently aired this segment about the University of California’s new policy that [Read More...]

Rational Doubt

Sin in the Hebrew Bible VBS #7

Editor’s Note:  Our humanistic rabbi is back, this time responding  questions we posed about sin.  As usual, he sticks to the Hebrew Bible (aka the Old Testament), his area of expertise. ================== By Jeffrey L. Falick Q: The three “S’s” of the bible – a trinity of sorts that is utilized repetitively throughout the Old [Read More...]

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