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Godless in Dixie

Help! My Husband Has Become an Atheist!

I often get contacted by deconverts who are married to still-believers and are trying to navigate the minefields of conflicting beliefs which their marriages have become. This week, however, I received a communication from the still-believing wife asking for help in understanding and loving her apostate husband. Here was her letter to me (personal details [Read More...]

Notes Toward a New Chimera

Do Christians Only Want to Help Christian Immigrants?

Christianity Today has an article up today titled, “Franklin Graham’s Call to End Muslim Immigration Could Backfire.” Now, that headline might lead you to think that Christians are concerned that Graham’s racist, xenophobic comments in the wake of the Chattanooga shooting might incite retaliatory violence against Muslim Americans. But you’d be wrong. No, Christians are [Read More...]


Labels are (Sometimes) the Barbed-Wire Fencing Around Free-Range Apostasy.

Everywhere we look, we see attempts to shoehorn us, define and redefine us, box us up, and label us. And I'm here today to challenge this idea that labels are really that necessary for everyone.

Love, Joy, Feminism

Lesbian Duplex 27: An Open Thread

It's time for another lesbian duplex thread!

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