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Phil Robertson’s Shocking “Bet” Has a Simple Answer.

(Content note: Rape, Duck Dynasty nastiness.) I keep wondering when right-wing conservative Christians will finally figure out that the Duck Dynasty stars are anything but role models. The men especially are curious exhibits, perhaps, in just how far a fairly normal-looking and -acting family will go to craft a whole new image for themselves to get [Read More...]

Leaving Fundamentalism

Does creationism = homophobia? Creationists think so.

In January, I claimed creationism is inherently homophobic and misogynistic. Not everyone agreed; there was some discussion over whether I’d committed a logical fallacy. But I’ll tell you who hasn’t challenged my argument: creationists. They’re in no rush to admit to being misogynists: they claim their particular brand of paternalistic sexism—’complementarian’ gender roles—is in fact [Read More...]

Notes from an Apostate

Better Understanding Christian LGBTQIA Allies

Dan Linford, atheist philosophy professor, recently had an appearance on the Social Justice Conference (Calgary) where he gave a talk titled, “How should atheists understand Christian LGBTQIA allies?” Girded by philosophical rumination, Linford teases out several reasons why it is erroneous and inconsiderate for atheists to dismiss or denigrate allies to the LGBTQIA community who [Read More...]

The Graffiti Wall

Transgender Homecoming King Commits Suicide

This was incredibly sad story to hear. Blake Brockington, an 18-year-old transgender teen from Charlotte, has committed suicide just over a year after his former school East Mecklenburg High School named him North Carolina’s first transgender homecoming king. Blake, who lived as a female but identified as male until his sophomore year in high school, [Read More...]

Godless in Dixie

The “Nones” vs. the “Dones”

By now you may have heard of “the nones,” those religiously non-affiliated Americans who now make up nearly a quarter of the overall population and a full third of Americans under the age of thirty.  The press and the media have begun to take notice and lately we’ve seen a growing number of stories drawing [Read More...]

Cross Examined

Two Sizes Too Small: For What Social Errors Will History Condemn Us?

Everyone thinks they know something about the future, but this is a special kind of prediction. We look back on our history and cringe at some of our social errors like slavery. But what errors do we make for which our descendants will criticize us?


The Self-Defeating Argument In The Salon Article “Atheists’ Self-Defeating Superiority”

My fellow blogger Steve Neumann wrote a recent article on Salon called, “Atheists’ self-defeating superiority: Why joining forces with religion is best for non-believers.” It’s the kind of article that a Christian would pass over to me and say, “Hey, look at this!  Even one of your fellow atheists says you’re getting a bit too [Read More...]

Love, Joy, Feminism

Anonymous Tip: In Which Gwen Loses Casey

Remember that we left off as Bill Walinski, Gwen, and Stan entered the court room, leaving little Casey outside the room with her grandmother, June. Farris tells us that the hearing, in which social worker Donna Corliss and prosecutor Gail Willet sought to have Casey taken into foster care for a week for observation and evaluation, was presided over by Judge Philip Romer.

Year Without God

Are atheists the most hated group in America?

So, I started a bit of a kerfuffle over on my Year Without God Facebook page last night when I posted this image above with the caption, Can we cut the martyrdom complex? It’s not a competition.By the way, I’m doing just fine compared to the poor, the homeless and the immigrants in my community. [Read More...]

Progressive Secular Humanist

God sends Oklahoma a sign via tornado, Christians are thankful

God is with them? Oh look, God sent a tornado to Oklahoma, destroying property, ruining lives, and leaving at least one dead, but Christians celebrate because the magic man in the sky left a sign in the form of a broken telephone pole. The stupid. It burns. ABC reports on a photo of the tornado’s [Read More...]


Liberty University illegally hosted Ted Cruz’s presidential announcement speech

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State issued a letter to the IRS today claiming that Liberty University violated federal laws in hosting Ted Cruz to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.

What Would JT Do (WWJTD)

CHARITY: Humanist family’s 10 year old daughter has a brain tumor. Let’s help with expenses.

I got an email the other day from a woman I met ages ago as a college student at a CFI convention.  In part it read: Heya, Heya, Just wanted to send this info along to you– this little girl is the daughter of some Michigan CFI members- great family, really active in the group, [Read More...]

The Human Animal

My Poly Valentine – One Day, Multiple Partners – What to do?

Be Ours. Be Mine, ya’ll. How does Valentine’s Day work for the poly community? The ‘poly’ community are those not in traditional dual / two-partner relationships. The anti-gay folks sometimes relent the slippery slope of gay marriage to multiple partners in a relationship. Poly folks have lubed up the slide from traditional marriage to multiple [Read More...]

Notes Toward a New Chimera

A Response to Peter Mosley’s Critique of My Salon Article

I want to respond to fellow Patheos blogger Peter Mosley’s critique of my Salon article where I argue that it’s best for atheists to ally themselves with progressive religious believers in the pursuit of the common goal of social justice in a pluralistic society. The first thing I should mention is that writers generally don’t [Read More...]


Did belief in ghosts help kick-start civilization?

In a remote highland region of south-eastern Turkey lies the remains of what is possibly the world’s old temple. Dating to 11,000 years ago, it predates even the rise of agriculture – as far as we can tell, it also predates the first complex societies. Now, not all religions are the same. Some (a minority, [Read More...]

Daylight Atheism

Why Atheism Is a Force for Good

If you’ve followed my writing these past few years, you know that I’ve often taken up arms against prominent atheists who’ve made clueless, sexist comments or worse. I’ve also insisted that the atheist movement as a whole needs to pay more attention to social justice, an area where it’s historically been deficient. In all these [Read More...]

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