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Religion Library: Baha'i

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

Written by: Moojan Momen

This Wronged One hath, at all times, summoned the peoples of the world unto that which will exalt them, and draw them nigh unto God . . .

On the other hand, there are many references in the Baha'i scriptures to figures that are not so clearly metaphorical. One such example is the Maiden of Heaven who appeared to Baha'u'llah in the vision in the Siyah-Chal  in Tehran that marked the start of his ministry in 1852. Passages in the Baha'i writings indicate that this figure can be regarded both as a heavenly figure and as representing the higher spiritual aspect of Baha'u'llah himself. Similarly, there are many references in the Baha'i scriptures to angels and the Concourse on high; some Baha'is believe that these represent actual entities, whereas other Baha'is consider them symbolic, as so much else in Baha'i scripture is. There are some passages in the Baha'i writings that indicate that angels are both symbols for celestial power and that they are human beings who have achieved a high spiritual station.

Study Questions:
     1.    What is the Baha'i concept of God?
     2.    Do Baha’is believe that the founders of the world’s religions are divine or human?
     3.    How do Baha’is explain their claim that Baha’u’llah is the return of Christ?
     4.    If, according to the Baha'i teachings, God is unknowable, what is the meaning of the injunction in the Baha'i scriptures that we should strive to know God?


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