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Religion Library: Christianity


Written by: Beth Davies-Stofka

The apostle Andrew Source: and pictures of Jesus, his mother Mary, the angels, and the saints are very common, especially in the liturgical traditions. Many of the statues of angels and saints have special symbols for identification. For example, depictions of the apostle Andrew will include an X-shaped cross, the shape of the cross on which Christians believe Andrew was crucified. In the Orthodox Church, icons are highly stylized, two-dimensional images of Jesus, Mary, and the saints. Icons have a distinctive theology. They are considered holy in and of themselves, though not to be worshipped. They are far more than merely pictures painted on wood. They are "windows" into the heavenly realm. Orthodox icons Source: The image of the saint is considered a conduit, able to both receive the prayers and petitions addressed to that saint, and transmit the saint's blessing to the supplicant.

The fish is an ancient symbol of Christianity, expressing Jesus' desire that his followers become "fishers of men" (Luke 5:10). It is also a representation of the Greek word ichthus, "fish." Ichthus is an acronym for the GreekThe fish sign as a car bumper sticker Source: Iesous Christos Theou Uios Soter, or "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior." In this way, the fish is a symbol of Jesus.

Letters from the Greek alphabet often appear in Christian art. The first and last letters of the alphabet, Alpha and Omega, symbolize Jesus as the beginning and the end of all things. This designation appears three times in the Book of Revelation. In Revelation 22:13, we read, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."  The logo IHS is an acronym of the Source: Title: a cross with various symbols of Christ: the lamb, the fish, alpha and omega, and the XP logoGreek letters iota, eta, and sigma, which are the first three letters of the name Jesus.  The logo XP represents the first two letters of the name Christ in Greek, chi and ro. It is usually written as a single image and called the chi-ro.

The structural parts of church buildings, the stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, music, and clothes worn by ministers are all rich sources of Christian symbolism that vary widely between traditions. A fuller discussion of the symbolism of the different Christian denominations will be found in the articles concerning those traditions.

Title: an illuminated manuscript Source:

Study Questions:
1.     Why is the cross most often associated with Christianity?
2.     How is posture associated with prayer? What does this symbolize?
3.     How are icons used within Christianity?
4.     How is the Greek language used within Christian symbolism? What is the most common symbol?


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