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Preaching to the Dead
These are passages from a teaching by Master Han Shan (Silly Mountain) called "The Maxims." When we preach the Dharma to those who see only the ego’s illusory world, we preach in vain. We might as... Read more
by Daniel Scharpenburg | Bodhisattva Road
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Recalling Zen Master Soen Nakagawa
Through his regular visits, his Dharma heirs, and others he taught, Soen Nakagawa would become one of the most important figures shaping a Western understanding of Rinzai Zen. Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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Thinking of Stephen Hawking, Making Apple Pie, & the Range of the...
In the midst of all the tumult of life I find myself pausing just for a moment to recall the life and work of Stephen Hawking who died today, the 14th of March, 2018. Against all odds he lived to be... Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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Learning to Love: Zen & the Problems of the Ego
I am a dedicated practitioner observer of the establishment of Zen in the West. I am particularly focused on the transmission of Soto Zen and the Soto reformed koan system developed by Daiun Sogaku... Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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Dalai Lama, Citing Progress, is Optimistic for Humanity
The Dalai Lama has many interests. As a child in Tibet's Potala Palace he studied Tibetan philosophy, meditation, and politics. He was, after all, being groomed to be the religious and temporal... Read more
by Justin Whitaker | American Buddhist Perspectives
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Silly Mountain: Han Shan Deqing
Han Shan Deqing (1546-1623)  is an important figure from the history of Ch'an Buddhism who isn't well known. They called him Silly Mountain(not to be confused with the other monk named Han Shan, who... Read more
by Daniel Scharpenburg | Bodhisattva Road
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Buddhist Prayer of the Day

In Memory of John Paul II

May humanity and its leaders, collectively and individually, embrace and practice the mindfulness, love, and compassion exemplified by this pontiff. To many Buddhists with Christian roots he will be remembered as a bodhisattva--one who vows to seek...

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