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A Dream and a Zen Story
I had a very vivid dream recently. In the dream I was leading a retreat. I was in a place that I had never been before. There were a lot of people in attendance, some I knew and some that I didn’t.... Read more
by Daniel Scharpenburg | Bodhisattva Road
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The Mountain of Wisdom
This is a passage from a teaching by Master Han Shan called "The Maxims." It is easier to do the right thing when we know what the right thing to do is. We can’t rely on instinct to find the Way. We... Read more
by Daniel Scharpenburg | Bodhisattva Road
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No Zen Masters in the West
  Huangbo said to his assembly “You are all slurping up brewer’s dregs. If you’re always wandering about, how will you find this moment? Don’t you know that in all of China there is not a... Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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A Day of Zen in Orange County
Zazenkai Join us for a day of Zen meditation Saturday 28 April, 2018 9am to 5pm at the Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church in Costa Mesa, California Zazen, Practice Interviews, Liturgy,... Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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Healing sexualized violence in the Shambhala Buddhist community
Andrea Winn, initiator and author of Project Sunshine (.pdf), is raising funds for a second phase of her work. Project Sunshine detailed abuse of power in the Shambhala Buddhist community, with... Read more
by Justin Whitaker | American Buddhist Perspectives
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Ten Rules for Social Engagement: A Zen Priest Ruminates on Promise...
Thursday I was invited to talk about my experiences as a very long-time Zen practitioner at a survey of Buddhism class at the University of Southern California. Read more
by James Ford | Monkey Mind
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Buddhist Prayer of the Day

In Memory of John Paul II

May humanity and its leaders, collectively and individually, embrace and practice the mindfulness, love, and compassion exemplified by this pontiff. To many Buddhists with Christian roots he will be remembered as a bodhisattva--one who vows to seek...

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