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More Gun Control? Sure, But That's Not the Fix
What about this week's Florida shooting? Should America have more gun control? I don't see why conservatives are so touchy about this. I'm in favor of more gun control. Let's face it, why does... Read more
by Fr. Dwight Longenecker | Fr. Dwight Longenecker
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The Trick
Rev. William Barber is absolutely right: "The trick" is Barber’s term for when white politicians persuade poor white working class people that the source of their pain is people of color, immigrants... Read more
by Mark Shea | Catholic and Enjoying It!
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Act Normal: Christian Community and Mental Illness
I’ve just finished reading Kristy Burmeister’s new book, “Act Normal”. It’s a memoir of her experience of being stalked by a schizophrenic member of her congregation, and of the aftermath of that... Read more
by Melinda Selmys | Catholic Authenticity
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The Way of the Imbecile
The desire to look intelligent, if only in appearance, is the fastest way to be crabbed by ideology, but stupidity, says philosopher Avital Ronell, has become the enemy in contemporary Western... Read more
by Justin Tse | Eastern Catholic Person
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Dialogue: Is the Mass Similar to Jeroboam's Idolatry?
It's not images per se that God expressly forbids in worship, but graven images (Jeroboam) *** Pastor Tim Gallant (Presbyterian), was responding to certain comments of mine in my post, "Reply to... Read more
by Dave Armstrong | Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
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Czechs Call on Pope to Sack Cardinal Duka
A group of Czech Catholics has called on Pope Francis not to extend the tenure of the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Dominik Duka, past the 75th birthday of the prelate on April 26. The organizers... Read more
by Cameron Doody | European Communion
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