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The Broken Mirror of Social Media (for Forgiveness Sunday)
Facebook is not only where I post stuff; it is where everyone else does too, and a scroll down the newsfeed produces all kinds of emotion that I didn’t know I had, moving quickly from happy to envy.... Read more
by Justin Tse | Eastern Catholic Person
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White Supremacy Is Not Mere "Difference of Opinion"
If the one thing you’re willing to tolerate is white supremacy, I'm going to take an educated guess that you might just be a white supremacist. Read more
by Rebecca Bratten Weiss | suspended in her jar
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Lovely in Eyes Not His
I loved Mr. Rogers when I was a child. I was always attracted to his radically open, loving face. I told my mother of JPII, “I love that man because he loves me.” And that’s what it is. There are... Read more
by Kate Cousino | Peace and Pekoe
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Some "Black Panther" thoughts
The movie wasn’t really about plot. It was about creating a different world. And, yes, seeing that alternate world be populated with Africans amazing the white American with their technology,... Read more
by Jane the Actuary | Jane the Actuary
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What Does It Take to Follow God's Path? (Lectio Divina Diligens)
For today’s Lectio Divina Dilligens, the Psalm selection for the first Sunday of Lent (Psalm 25:4-9), which illustrates what the faith born of metanoia looks like. Read more
by Carl McColman | Carl McColman
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Church Fathers, Day 209: Lift Up Your Hearts
If you keep your gaze trained on things that are above, says St. Gregory the Great, you’ll be able to walk the right path through your life here on earth. Lift your faithful hearts, dear friends, to... Read more
by Pete Socks | The Catholic Book Blogger
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