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You Should Receive Communion Kneeling, On the Tongue
If you're at all a Vatican watcher like me then you'll have heard something of the remarks made by Cardinal Robert Sarah this past week. Cardinal Sarah, a Guinea-born priest, is prefect of the... Read more
by K. Albert Little | The Cordial Catholic
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Texas Bishops Strike a Blow for the Consistent Ethic of Life
This is a big deal: "We write to inform you of our concerns with Texas Right to Life and we urge parishes not to participate in their activities or allow the organization to use parish sites." Read more
by Mark Shea | Catholic and Enjoying It!
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Ostracizing gun owners? Not so fast.
It's all over the news lately -- or all over twitter, anyway:  the reports cheering various companies' announcements that they are pulling out of NRA discount programs.  And there are calls to... Read more
by Jane the Actuary | Jane the Actuary
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The Harder They Come: Lenten Dark Devotional
I do not like Lent. There I said it. I don’t like the fasting. I don’t like the somber masses without the hallelujahs. I don’t like preparing for Jesus’ death. Yes, yes, I know that we are preparing... Read more
by Guest Contributor | Sick Pilgrim
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Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned. It's Been Two Hundred Years...
I stayed up 'til 1:30 this morning to finish Gabriel Blanchard's Victorian vampire novel, Death's Dream Kingdom. It's the first book in a trilogy and WHERE IS THE SECOND BOOK GABRIEL???? WRITE... Read more
by Eve Tushnet | Eve Tushnet
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Just Say Fluffy Bun
Rosie was excited to tell me what she learned in her Eastern Catholic catechism class. They’re learning about Confession lately, and though she’s a little young for her first reconciliation, she’s... Read more
by Mary Pezzulo | Steel Magnificat
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