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Slouching Towards Duterte
On February 24, 2018, Catholics in Manilla came together to protest their president’s murderous regime. President Duterte, ever since he came into power, has had the Catholic Church as a constant... Read more
by Henry Karlson | A Little Bit of Nothing
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A Hell of One's Own: Why Mortal Sin Really is Mortal
The definition of Hell used by the Church is a state of being separated from God. Alright, but this assumes simply being left alone to do your thing is necessarily a state of anguish. Before I... Read more
by Melinda Selmys | Catholic Authenticity
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Seven Last Words: Behold Your Son, Behold Your Mother
When Jesus saw His mother standing there, He said "Woman, behold thy son." He said to the Beloved Disciple, "Behold thy mother." And from that moment, the disciple took her into his home. In the... Read more
by Mary Pezzulo | Steel Magnificat
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“He Ain’t Heavy…”: The Death of My Same-Sex Attracted Brother
Guest post by Dave McClow, Pastoral Solutions Institute. “I don’t believe in hell.  If there is a hell, it can’t be any worse than my life here.”  These were the most striking words from my... Read more
by Dr. Greg Popcak | Faith on the Couch
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The Task of Youth Is Heroism
Somebody once pointed out that the task of youth is heroism. Youth long for a cause they can die for. It's what JPII recognized and why he started World Youth Day. His words to youth were always a... Read more
by Mark Shea | Catholic and Enjoying It!
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Christ Is My Druid: "Neo-Paganism" and Christianity
Anglican priest Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck is clearly, and openly, influenced by what he calls Neo-Paganism as well as “the writings of the early Celtic saints from the 5th to 7th centuries.” Yet I... Read more
by David Russell Mosley | Letters from the Edge of Elfland
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